Kat & Elton | Golden Gate Park | Academy of Sciences Kat and Elton’at the San Francisco Golden Gate Park Academy of Sciences (full ...
June 30, 2014

Amanda and Karl go fly a kite

Just like how it all started for them… Flying their kite at the windswept Berkeley headland, then UC Berkeley ...
June 13, 2014

Beth & Dave’s Wedding | Boundary Oak

Beth + Dave’s wedding slideshow venue: Boundary Oak Golf Course Walnut Creek floral: Jory’s Flowers ...
June 11, 2014

Insomnia due to Milky Way

While camping in Kauai woke up around 2 am to a perfectly moonless, cloudless night. In 40 years… Never such ...
May 12, 2014

Archery | Kean E.

Model: Kean E. signed with Marla Dell talent agency San ...
April 15, 2014

Studio head shots William B.

A short headshot session with William B, signed with Marla ...
April 15, 2014

Kensington SafeGrip

A look at some of our product lifestyle shots, and how our client used them.   ...
March 17, 2014

1928 Excalibur

More lighting practice at night, this time with a replica Excalibur 1928. Unretouched, straight out-of-camera ...
March 17, 2014

CEO portrait | Martin Waukazoo | Native American Health Center

February 26, 2014

Her first birthday and a new home

February 24, 2014